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Course name : SAP BODS 24*7 technical support
faculty : Realtime experience
Rs Trainings: is a brand and providing quality online and offline trainings to students in world wide. We are providing best online online training on SAP BODS
Highlights in our training service:
Every faculty has Real Time experiance .Trained Resources placed in countries like Australia, USA, UK, JAPAN, SWEDEN etc.Any critical issues faced by resource resolved using Teamviewer, webex.Supporting the resource with Top 100 Interview questions.Resume built in best corporate standards according to the job description.We will market the resume for top technolgy countries.After each week a status exam is conducted.offline online trainings are conducted everyday.Weekend trainings for job goers.flexible timings in accordance with the resource comfortability.If version related to any Tool is upgraded. We will send the upgraded information via email.we will develop the Aquintance with Production,development and testing environments.Real time scenarios covered accross Software Development Life Cycle.for every 10 hours One hour catered to resolve the doubts.Explaining bugs and critical issues and development activities 24*7 technical supports sevices.
Course content:
What is a data warehouse?
Data Warehouse Functions & Implementation
Data Warehouse Products & Vendors
About SAP & Their Products
SAP's Data Warehouse product-SAP BW
SAP BW functions, benefits & limitations
About Business Objects & their Products
SAP BO Product Portfolio- BI, EIM
SAP BO Data Service Overview
About Data Services-Introduction
Functions-Data Integration & Data Management
Data Services Product Evolution (ATL, DI & DQ)
Architecture-by Components
BO Data Services Tools & its Functions
BO Data Services Objects & Object Hierarchy
BODS Objects Naming Standards
BODS Objects Comparison with SAP BW Objects
SAP BO Data Services-Basic Level
Resiportary Manager-BODS Resiportary
Resiportary Types-Local, Central, Profile, Data Package
Resiportary Creation & Up gradation
Server Manager Job Server-Resipository Assignment
Management Console- Introduction & Components
Data Service Designer-Introduction & GUI
Getting Start with Designer to develop First ETL Flow
Data store & Formats
Data store-Overview & Types
Data store creation - DB, SAP, Adaptor, and Web service
Formats - Flat file, DTD, XSD, COBOL, copybooks
Data Extraction from Database Tables
Data Extraction from Excl Workbook- Multiple Sheets
Data Extraction from flat files (CSV, Notepad, and SAP Transport)
Data Extraction from XML FILE (DTD, XSD)
Data Extraction from COBOL Copybooks
Data Distribution to flat file & XML
Dynamic Extraction-File Selection & Sheet Selection
SAP BO Data Services-Transforms
Transforms & Category (DI, DQ, PF)
Data Integrator-Data Transfer, Date Generation
Data Integrator- Effective_Data, Hierarchy_Flatterning
Data-Integrator-History _Preserving, Key _Generation
Data Integrator-Pivot, Reserve_Pivot, XML_Pipeline
Platform-Case, Map_Operation, Merge, query
Platform-SQL, Validation, Custom ABAP Transform
Data Quality-Introduction, standard content directions
Data Quality-Dictionaries Configuration
Data-Country_ID, Geocoder, Global_Adress_Cleanse
SAP BO Data Services-Advance Level
BODS Admin Console-Administration, Auto Reporting
Real time Jobs, Embedded Data Flows
Variables, Parameters, Substitution Parameters, System Config
Debugging, Recovery Mechanism
Data Assessment-Data Profiling
BODS Performance Tuning Techniques
Multi-User Development Environment-Into &Advantages
Multi -User Environment-Implementation & Migration
BODS Objects Migration Techniques
Data Services-SAP Systems Handing
SAP systems into, SAP Systems allowed, Terminology
SAP BODS and sap ERP/SAP BI Integration
SAP BODS User & Role Creation in SAP
SAP ERP -Data Flow, Interfaces, and Objects allowed to BODS
CREATING sap Application Data store-Properties
SAP ERP-Tables & Hierarchies Data Extraction
SAP ERP-Getting RFC enabled Functions Modules
SAP ERP-IDOC Data Extraction & IDOC Data Loading
SAP ERP- Extracting Flat files data from SAP APP Server
SAP BW-Data Flow, Interfaces Objects allowed to BODS
Creating SAP BW Source & SAP BW Target Data stores
SAP BW-Extracting Data from SAP BW info Providers-OHD
SAP BW -Extracting Data from SAP BW bases tables-/BIC/
SAP BW -Loading data to SAP BW info Providers (MD & TD)
SAP BW -BW Jobs Execution